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Authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Idylle Neverfull MM The perfect every day tote. Cherry color 12.6" x 11.4" x 6.7" Finished cowhide leather trim Gold tone hardware Textile-lined inside pocket **IMPORTANT*NOTES** **PLEASE READ** -This is a pre-owned item. Please read the description and examine the photos well. Click on the photos and expand. The photos are to be considered as an important part of the written description. -Because this item is pre-owned, there will be signs of use and age throughout its entirety. Pay special attention to areas such as: leather, handles, handle bases, canvas, interior, exterior, hardware, edges, corners, pockets. -Regarding Jewelry Please pay close attention to the size. Please measure your own fingers before purchase, and/or be prepared to have it sized larger or smaller at a jeweler. Jewelry returns will not be accepted due to improper fit. -Please keep in mind the that descriptors such as "good," or "very good" are subjective- your opinion may differ from mine. In my case, an item may be in "good condition considering its age, materials used, and/or its style." -This is a consignment shop which means that most items do not include the original packaging. Unless it is specifically mentioned in the written description, please assume that any packaging and accessories such as: box, bag, dust bag, receipt, lock, key, fobs, cloche, tags, cards, ect. will not be included with the item. The item for sale and any additional parts will be described in the listing. Feel free to ask questions prior to purchase. Thank you Mothers day Louis Vuitton x Supreme Louis_Vuitton_Supreme Supreme Mother's day Father's Day Easter 4th of July Independence day Graduation Christmas valentine's valentine v-day v day Valentine's Day Women Vintage retired pre_loved monogram lv luxury Black Friday sale promo code Cyber monday sale promo code free shipping Alma antique purse authentic Gucci authentic Louis Vuitton authentic_Chanel authentic_hermes authentic_LV bag Bags And Purses Balenciaga silver band belt birken black leather wallet black leather bag brown bag brown leather bag black louis Vuitton blue leather bag boho boston bag boutique Bracelet brass bucket bag business butt-shaping cambon camelia camillia canvas caviar caviar_leather cc chain strap Chanel chanel jacket Chanel no 5 Chanel pink Chanel_boy_bag charm Chloe Christmas gifts Clutch coach coated canvas coco contour cross-body crossbody damier diary divers watch diving watch doctor bag doctor_bag dooney_and_bourke Dress duck dust bag dustbag earrings elipse Ellipse Epi evening bag freddy wrup gg glasses gold gold watch good condition Gucci handbag Hermes hermes_Bracelet hermes_jewelry Jacket Jewelry keep all keepall key chain key Wallet Key chain keychains for men leather limited edition lock & key lock and key locks for Purse Lockset Loewe Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Bucket Louis Vuitton canvas louis vuitton colors louis vuitton crossbody Louis Vuitton duffle Louis Vuitton dust bag Louis Vuitton dustbag louis vuitton mc Louis Vuitton mens keychain louis vuitton multicolor louis vuitton multicolore louis vuitton rainbow Louis Vuitton Speedy Louis Vuitton vachetta Louis_Vuitton_samur Louis_Vuitton_Zippy luggage luxe Luxury lv lv bucket lv canvas lv dust bag lv dustbag lv lock lv mono lv tote lv_lock mademoiselle mcm_Boston_bag mens mens watch Messenger messenger bag michael kors michael kors watch mini_speedy monogram valentino necklace and earrings never full neverfull patent leather pearl pink leather purse pockets poppy Portefeuille pouch pouchette Prada preloved preowned pre_loved purple purse purse lock Real real Gucci real louis Vuitton real_chanel real_Louis_Vuitton red retired Ring Satin set shoppers shopping bag shorts silk speedy speedy 90's sterling sterling_925 strapless suit summer prada Tessuto tiffany_and_co travel trifold t_and_co vachetta vernis Victoria's Secret Vintage vintage jewelry vintage Louis Vuitton vintage_hermes leather Wallet wallet on chain white Women work wristlet wrup yellow zippy wallet coach

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