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Authentic Louis Vuitton Rosewood Avenue shoulder hand bag. Outside has 1 small open pocket. Top is closed with zipper. Inside has matching fabric lining and 1 open pocket. This bag makes a great statement. SKU: LP953 Made in: France Serial Number: FL2829 Size: 12.6 x 5.5 x 6.3 inches or 32 x 14 x 16 cm Shoulder Strap Drop: 7.9 inches or 20 cm Color: Purple Dust bag: Not included Box: Not included Condition Overall: 7 of 10 Great pre owned condition with some visible signs of use. Outside: Some visible signs of use. Inside: Clean but has light signs of use (few very gentle gray spots). Vernis leather: Some visible signs of use. Few small white dots near the bottom of the front of the bag, some surface scratches, gentle press marks, and faint gentle gray marks. Cowhide leather: Deeper patina/color, scratches, scuffs, lines, and water stains. The shoulder straps have some heavy lines, gentle surface cracks, and the tops of the straps are a deeper shade from being held. Shape: Keeps its shape well. Edges: Light signs of use. The brown coating along the edges of the straps have more signs of wear in general. Hardware: General signs of use (dark shade). Gold-tone wearing off the zipper pull and looks more silver. Smell: Faint perfume/cosmetic smell. This is a pre-owned item and will not smell brand new. If you are very sensitive to smells please keep this in mind before you decide to purchase this product.

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My items are intended for people with a good knowledge of their "EUROPEAN" size. This means that they have tried on and/or own European shoes currently. If you are unsure of your size, please message me for help or please try them on at a local store.

Please note that all items sold by me are guaranteed 100 percent authentic and are in their original packaging and are unworn or unused except as noted below. You are purchasing this item at a price below retail value, as such please keep in mind that the Item may have been tried on in store and minor marks may be present on the sole and insole glue may also be present. Box may also show signs of wear.

These are european size shoes. As such please ensure the sizing is appropriate for you prior to
purchasing. For example a size 38 is not necessarily equivalent to a size 8. Tradesy uses an approximate USA size which may or may not be the correct conversion. European shoes run smaller than USA sizes so please know your European size or note the European size shoe you are viewing in this listing prior to purchasing. NOTE: if this is your first european shoe purchase, there is a high likelihood that the shoes may be too small. I highly recommend contacting the seller or doing research on sizing advice prior to purchasing.

Heel size listed is approximate. The heel may be slightly higher than listed.

Comes with box and one dustbag. 925

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