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For sale is a Gucci, glossy black leather, large, rectangular shaped, hobo style, top zip, shoulder bag with large, dimensional, square G logo at center! It has a European chic style that is a take on the classic hobo style that would be great used as an everyday purse or for dressier occasions! I think this style was from the 'Tom Ford' era at Gucci. The bag is a zip top, shoulder style purse with a wide single strap. There is very little wear on the leather exterior to the body, bottom, piping or strap. The purse is made of a glossy, black leather with very minor scratches because the leather is soft and has the glossy finish. The large, squared 'G' logo center is raised or embossed with 'Gucci' engraved along the bottom. Other than these minor scratches, though, it is in amazing condition! It is classic Gucci and will always be in style! It has one interior compartment with an interior zip pocket. This purse is designed in such a classic style! It is great for a night out or if you travel light! The lining is black leather upper (or leather coated fabric). In this Gucci line of purses, like in many earlier lines, the leather coated style lining would usually become yucky and sticky by now, because Gucci used lining that was prone to peeling and ruining not only the purse, but the contents. This purse does not have any of these issues! The lining is perfect and I have had it sealed in the hopes it will stay this way! It is definitely an authentic Gucci purse with the serial numbers of 001.3031.002058 and has the 'Made in Italy by Gucci' tag on the interior, so buy with confidence! Dimensions: 12" x 3" x 7.5" ; strap: 10" Check out the matching wallets that I have listed, too! I also have other style purses from this line for sale in other ads! This piece is great! It is a classic piece that is unique, since it is vintage. This is the only black purse that you will ever need! Check out my other listings in my store! Questions? Just ask :) If you'd like more pictures, just email me. Check back daily for new, fabulous pieces! *ALL REASONABLE OFFERS ARE WELCOME! *

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